The Montessori Method of Teaching Applied

The Montessori Method of Teaching Applied


This course wants to:

* Raise awareness on the importance on the Montessori Method discussing all its characteristics;
* Explore and discover the benefits that the Montessori Method can foster;
* Help participants aknowledge all the different ways in which the Montessori Method can be implemented in everyday learning;
* Furnish easy and accessible tools to apply the Montessori Method to revolutionize your current teaching strategy;
* Create a cross-cultural exchange and understanding with local colleagues on the benefits that Montessori Method can give and the ways in which can be best applied.


Our courses, developed in the framework established by the Erasmus+ Programme, are crafted to include both formal and non-formal education methodologies.
Starting with a theoretical approach to the theme of the course, we proceed with non-formal learning strategies in order to guarantee and stimulate an active contribution from the participants involved.

In practice, we use: Presentations; Analysis of study cases; Discussions in the classroom; Role-plays; Technical visits to local private and public institutions; Conferences with local professionals to exchange good practices; Job shadowing experiences; Workshops to rethink old practices and introduce new ones.

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