Peer Bullying Prevention

Peer Bullying Prevention

Peer bullying prevention

This structured course aims increase participants awareness about the phenomenon, acquiring methods and tools to build a positive school and classroom environment and plan long-term strategies and policies to apply in order to prevent and reduce bullying and cyber bullying in schools.

The general aim of this course is to foster excellence in education by equipping teachers and school managers with the needed knowledge and competences to effectively prevent all forms of bullying in education and school settings.

The participants will;

Acquire a greater understanding of the various forms of bullying and deeper knowledge about impacts, risk factors and long-term effects on victims and bullies;

Get to know how to build a positive classroom environment and develop social and emotional learning;

Learn how to develop and enforce a school policy plan on tackling and preventing bullying at school;

Explore and discuss the fine line between legal and illegal behavior and how to identify bullying conducts;

Exchange good practices and discuss challenges with fellow colleagues and the course trainers about how to reduce bullying in schools;

Network with individuals and organizations working in the education field in Europe through everyday cooperation and team-building activities.

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