Innovative Approaches in Education

Innovative Approaches in Education

The Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning priority seeks to identify and scale up innovative approaches to teaching and learning that significantly improve student outcomes.
"Innovative teaching practices are more likely to flourish when particular supportive conditions are in place. These conditions include
-Teacher collaboration that focuses on peer support and the sharing of teaching practices,
-Professional development that involves the active and direct engagement of teachers, particularly in practicing and researching new teaching methods, and
-A school culture that offers a common vision of innovation as well as consistent support that encourages new types of teaching."


Day 1
Module 1 What Is an Innovation in Learning
Module 2 The Logic of School Improvement, Turnaround, and Innovation
Day 2
Module 3 Education + Technology + Innovation = Learning
Day 3
Module 4 Games in Learning, Design, and Motivation
Module 5 Advances in Online Learning
Day 4
Module 6 Innovative Practice in Teaching
Module 7 Innovation, Implementation Science, and Data-Based Decision Making: Components of Successful Reform
Day 5
Module 8 Specialized Innovations for Students With Disabilities
Module 9 Innovation in Career and Education


? Increased use of active learning in classroom interactions
? Teaching methods that are carefully selected based on the nature of learning outcomes
? Inclusive methods used in every learning and teaching interaction that provide
opportunities for all students to fulfil their potential
? Learning interactions that are clear in their purpose and desired outcomes, and are
made explicit to the students
? Materials and activities for learning interaction that directly contribute to intended
learning outcomes and are informed by relevant research
? Use of technology to enhance learning interactions
? Teaching practices of individual academics that are informed by research and
successes of other staff
? Collaboration with leading educators worldwide to innovate teaching methods and
research their outcomes
? Availability of dedicated resources to support staff in adopting more active teaching

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