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Sherlock-Edu Abroad Training and Consulting Picture


Robotics&Coding Erasmus+Course Berlin,GERMANY, November 2019

Job Shadowing/ Robotics&Coding Rome,ITALY,November 2019

Intercultural Mediation And Conflict Management, January 2020 Madrid

Guidance Applications For Single Parent Students, Helsinki,December,2019

Guidance Applications For Single Parent Students,Berlin,January 2020

Post Conflict Rehabilitation, Barcelona, January 2020

Inclusion And Support To Special Needs Students In And Out Of The Classroom - Barcelona January 2020

Ib (International Baccalaureate) January 2020

Self Confidence and Motivation, Istanbul December 2019

“Guidance Applications for Single-Parent Students Helsinki, December 2019

"Art&Drama In Special Education" Berlin September 2019

Job Shadowing In Helsinki

Special Education Needs Course Berlin June 2019

Our Course Held in Berlin 2019- STEM,Berlin September 2019

Coaching in Educatio,Helsinki April 2019

"Coaching Strategies" Vienna, January 2019